42 Stunning War Themed Tattoos

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42 Stunning War Themed Tattoos

42 Stunning War Themed Tattoos

Stunning War Themed Tattoos

war themed tattoos

People who survived the war-pictures from war forever remain in the memory. The war left deep scars on the soul of warriors and civilians, and that is why many people want to immortalize those memories on their skin. Source: Instagram

The desire for decorating the body and improving the aesthetic appearance is at the heart of every man. Some people decorate their bodies with makeup but many of them are opting for a more permanent form – tattoos. Very often the purpose of tattoos is to be a nice detail on the body, but equally often people get tattoos motivated with some important event or memory which is located at the bottom of their hearts, immortalized on the skin. This time we opted my dear, for presenting different forms of tattoos of which the main motive is war. Unfortunately, unrest and wars are a frequent theme of today’s news. Almost not a day goes by that you do not hear about unrest in some parts of the world, disputes, war, the victims…

These unfortunate events leave profound effects on the hearts and souls, and bodies, of those who survived it: those who fought in it, those who have been victims, whose families were victims… I believe that war has consequences and on the people in very remote places of the world, because if we are at least a little bit people, we can not be immune to the suffering of others. And why all this, why such terrible events which injure both – body and soul? Is there anything more important than a man’s peace, happiness and tranquility? Is striving for power won by the pursuit of peaceful life?

Life is a miracle – someone said a long time ago. People do not need to spend life in hurting others. Are there any other major accidents of all these innocent victims of war, of the children who lose their lives in these unfortunate conflicts?! Then war can not be good. People say that history is the teacher of life. Then why the constant repetition of riots, wars, conflicts in which innocent people were killed. There is no point!

In these unfortunate circumstances, someone always receives a profit, but is it really worth it? Is it possible to benefit from someone else’s misfortune, tears and blood? What are the dreams of people who fight wars? Can they sleep peacefully? Do they see victims in front of their eyes when they go to bed, the eyes of the victims, an unfortunate fate, separated lovers, desperate mothers who weep over the bodies of their loved ones?

The greatest wealth in life is a warm bed at night, knowledge that you’re clean, not being obligated to anyone, you’re calm, loved… A peaceful sleep… To travel without fear of evil circumstances. Happy is when you are happy in your life. And luck has never been money.

Many wars in history have been devastating. Many people have participated in them and many had survived. For those who have survived, were left with deep scars on their souls. For some, keeping a record of the details on their skin is a sign of remembrance. These are war themed tattoos. These are also the life stories of these people.

If you want to get a tattoo done with these motives in mind, check out the gallery below where we share some ideas prepared for you!

war themed tattoos

Children are almost always among the victims of war. They are innocent little beings, and that is why we must resist and oppose this evil thing. Source: Instagram

war themed tattoos

Helicopters and airplanes are sowers of deaths in war but also the inevitable equipment that the state must have as soon as possible to evacuate people and begin defense. Source: Instagram

This is a retro tattoo on someone’s back. Very sexy! Source: Instagram

A century ago the first warplane was brought down. It was taken down by a Serbian soldier from the city of Kragujevac.

The first construction of an aircraft was performed by brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright who first flew in 1903. A Mass deployment of planes were being sent to the First World War. Source: Instagram

A black and white tattoo war motif shows an image of a dose of seriousness and darkness that necessarily carries with it a war. Source: Instagram

This tattoo will the choice of a tough guy. This whole tattoo is mysterious and very effective.

A bomb is one of the main weapons used for war that posses almost all soldiers. Today, through the black market a bomb comes to people who might abuse them. Source: Instagram

People often go into the army because of a love they feel for their homeland. To protect the country against enemies and attackers. Source: Instagram

The military and war are life stories of all soldiers. Therefore, they may want to make this idea immortal on their body’s. Source: Instagram

Tattoos on the shoulder are the most common choice of men worldwide. Tastes are different, some elect black tattoos, some people choose tattoos in color. One thing is certain, this form of decorating the body is extremely popular and a common option of the young but also the older generation. Source: Instagram

Love is the greatest comfort and the greatest joy of every heart, especially if it is reciprocated. It does not choose a time and place when it will happen to people. When it does happen, it does not resist, yet, indulged with all the senses. Source: Instagram

An Interesting tattoo in one color on the shoulder. Very often in poor countries, children are forced to actively participate in war and are engaged as soldiers.

A true picture of a war beautifully woven into one big tattoo. There are black clouds as a symbol of an evil moment and fate of a country in a given period of time. Source: Instagram

Although we live in the modern world and we have a consciousness of good and evil. However, we are often confronted with terrible news concerning war in some part of the world. Source: Instagram

Wars leave a devastation in the soul and heart. There is no justification for this kind of death, the murdering of innocent people and children’s tears. Source: Instagram

History is the teacher of life. Let’s try to really learn something from it. Let’s try to look at the substance and not just the surface.

The most famous producer of passengers, combat and transport airplanes is Boeing. Source: Instagram

A human must not forget that no matter what the color of a person’s skin is, religion and sexual orientation someone is, we are all human beings and everybody has the right of happiness, a smile, a hug and a warm home, love, peace and freedom.

Reddish sky here is associated with innocent blood spilled in war… Source: Instagram

Soldiers are people who have left home loved ones and went to fight for the honor and freedom of their country. Waiting on all of them are their mothers, fathers, wives and children. Do not let wars happen! Source: Instagram

Geometric shapes are modern in fashion, architecture … Here’s a rhomboid tattoo with a nicely done plane as the central figure. Source: Instagram

To fly an airplane takes a lot of dedication and love. Source: Instagram

Separated lovers and lost love ones remains after the war. Source: Instagram

The development of tanks began in the First World War in the UK, Russia, USA, Germany and France. Source: Instagram

Regardless of what part of the body you are getting a tattoo, and regardless of size, a tattoo can be effective especially with such detail as this. Source: Instagram

The Second World War lasted from 1939 to 1945. Almost all countries of the world participated in it. In that war was killed about 25 million soldiers and 35 million civilians.

The Second World War was waged in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, the Mediterranean, Africa and the Atlantic Ocean. Source: Facebook

Just over Europe in World War II were killed more than 100,000 crew members of alliance aviation.

Many battles were fought using submarines. From soldiers who fought in submarines, one in four survived. Source: Instagram

The mortality rate in the Russian camps for prisoners during this great conflict between 1939 and 1945 was 85%.

American and German soldiers at the end of World War II fought together against the SS men to defend the castle in Tyrol. Source: Instagram

The First World War lasted from 1914 to 1918. It was completed by signing several peace agreements, most notably is from the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. This war is one of the top ten deadliest conflicts in the world. Source: Facebook

In the first World War, fought about 65 million people from around 30 countries. In the First World War there were around 35 million civilian and military casualties.

With the wars some soldiers found love. Love does not choose the place or time when it will happen but it is possible to happen in the the worst circumstances where everything is black and hopeless as a bright spot in someone’s life. Source: Instagram

In the First World War the British tanks were divided into ”male” and ”female”. Female tanks had machine guns and the male tanks had cannons. Source: Instagram

With this tattoo motif – war is somehow in very dark colors. Those are the colors of the war, a little dark and scary. Source: Instagram

In the First World War flamethrowers were used. They were first used by the Germans, and they were throwing flames up to 40 meters in distance. Source: Facebook

The largest concentration camp was located 50 km from Warsaw and was called Auschwitz. In this camp were killed about 1.1 million people, mostly Jews. Source: Instagram

If you are one of many people who survived the war, and would like your story and horror to record somewhere, do it on your body. Source: Instagram

Teach history, read about the past and fight against evil, do not let the suffering of people regardless of their religion and skin color go unnoticed. Let your hearts be ruled by love and not by hate because it is the only way to true happiness. Source: Instagram

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