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Comprised of reviews from our Tattoo Removal customers.  All testimonials featured here were submitted by real customers. The testimonials came from our Amazon, Ebay, Shopify accounts over the past 6 years. The tattoo removal device design featured on Shark Tank was our old design.  Our Best Design Was Not Allowed To Be Shown On Shark Tank Because Our Patent Was Not Submitted Yet.  The new design is getting amazing reviews.



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Neo Innovations UK Tattoo Removal At Home Products
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 57 reviews
by David Griswold on Neo Innovations UK Tattoo Removal At Home Products
Initial impression of device

I have had this device for one week now. I am being a bit aggressive in its use. Be prepared for possible burning. Start out at a low setting, for maybe 5 seconds, wait a couple of days. If you can take it fine, increase incrementally the heat and the length, until you reach a threshold of pain that you can tolerate. I can tolerate pain quite well, so I am using it probably at a higher level than recommended. I don't advise anyone to do that. I can say this, in one week's time, being aggressive as I am with the device, I have already seen noticeable reduction of the tattoo. It is fading. Thankfully, my tattoo is about the size of a half US dollar, not too big. No, it will take time, so it is not a quick process. Yes, it will burn, possibly blister. But it works. I will give an update later as I do more treatments.

by Jacquelyn on Neo Innovations UK Tattoo Removal At Home Products
Great results, fast!

I got great results in a short amount of time. I tried laser removal prior to this and it's so expensive for no results. Neomag light was great and delivered the results i was looking for.

by Stella D on Neo Innovations UK Tattoo Removal At Home Products
Love it!

bought mine back in the spring and started on a fairly recent tattoo that I had immediately regretted (all black), I have been treating it 5 to 6 months, and this little device works!! Before you buy, you might want to do research on how tattoo removal works. It takes time, patience, and some pain. I was so impressed with my results after one treatment, I actually bought one for my daughter to remove her unwanted tattoo, hers is now 70% or so clear. Hers was an older black tattoo. I have ink free skin throughout my tattoo, and the rest has majorly faded! I have complete confidence I will be able to achieve removal. Thanks so much, great customer service!

by Kenny on Neo Innovations UK Tattoo Removal At Home Products
Best Bang 4 your buck

Amazing! Best bang for the buck!!!
I entered a contest & recieved a coupon, after the contest was over. I could not enter the coupon on this site & eventually it was purchased directly, through the vendor.
To my surprise, my wife gave me an early xmas present.
The IXL tattoo remover is working great & a revolutionary product! I did not want to pay thousands, as quoted by a laser clinic ($200 x 8 -12 sessions). So I took a chance on the Neo IXL tattoo removal technology & it is paying off! The Black Magic IPL design looks like a it came from alien technology & simple to use. I realize patience, diligence & good aftercare will give me the success I want, which is a clean removal & save all those Benjamins. Originally, I looked at it, as a one time charge versus paying with every treatment on a credit card & eventually jacking up my balance. This is one of the best gifts ever! I recommend this product to anyone wanting & thinking about removing tattoos. This product will save me lots of money! I am getting spots of removal on green black red and yellow. It has been less than two weeks & performing quite rapidly & beyond my expectations. I have a large cobra, colored tattoo & also recommend the 1/2 inch magnetic tip. I will post pics of my results with the 1/4 inch shortly. The Neo IXL is a bargain & truly works. This product is definitely a "bang for the buck"!

by Serge on Neo Innovations UK Tattoo Removal At Home Products
Very Happy

Love this product! It's been working wonders for my self! I have been using it for two of my tattoos and it's working for both. I haven't even done more than 8 sessions with this product and my tattoo is already half way gone! I showed the progress to my tattoo artist and they couldn't believe how great it was healing. After healing there was no scarring left behind. I couldn't be happier! Especially for the great price and its rechangeable. I would 100% suggest this product.

by lee meen hon on Neo Innovations UK Tattoo Removal At Home Products
Good Product

good product high qulaity

by Ashley Masters on Neo Innovations UK Tattoo Removal At Home Products
Best customer service EVERRR!!

I ordered my product a little over a week ago, and it hadn't arrived, so I looked into the tracking, and it turns out it was delivered to the wrong person, who so kindly took the package for themselves...karma will come for you! Anyway, I was really discouraged and almost in tears, because I was so excited to use this product, and I couldn't believe someone would take a package that was not theirs. I cant afford the normal 500$/session removal, so when I came across this I was really happy and anxious to use it. Anyway I text the contact number and told them what happened. I got a response literally within 2 minutes, saying that another one would be sent to me. I really was not expecting this at all, and I am so impressed with the level of customer service and quick response. SO AMAZING! I cant wait to start using the product, and share my results with the world! Thank you for treating your customers in such an amazing way, it does not go unnoticed!

by Daniel on Neo Innovations UK Tattoo Removal At Home Products

best customer service on the market plus you get direct number to the owner Nick he answered my calls all day on a Saturday from daylight till dark great product works perfect just wish it would do bigger tattoos faster. But overall I'm very pleased with the product and the customer service was amazing. Thank you Nick for such a pleasant experience.

by Anonymous on Neo Innovations UK Tattoo Removal At Home Products

Professional equipment with a personal touch
ByRobert K Cooper IIon September 2, 2017

I have some very old tattoos on my upper arms that are faded and outdated as well. I saw this on "Shark Tank" and was very intrigued. So, I ordered the kit and I am here to tell you that it is a quality device that gives results. I have done my test spot and where there was ink there is now new skin coming through ( see pic, the test area is the huge white spot, where black ink used to be). It will take a little time, but this really beats the 1500 I would have to pay at Dr. Office. I had some questions and I called their number and in 30 seconds I had a response from one of the owners making sure I was taken care of and he took the time to chat for a moment and answer my questions. Who does that anymore?...These folks do, professional equipment with a personal touch. I will keep you posted on my progress. If you need a tattoo removed give this a will not be disappointed. Thank you Neo Innovations, you are the real deal.

Thank you for your honest feedback Robert. We love hearing from our customers. Please call or text anytime. I love to help. Our new larger area treatment tips and our patent pending Neodymium Tip Plasma Pen will be available soon. We are very excited that these two products will help with our customers tattoo removal.

by Gustavo on Neo Innovations UK Tattoo Removal At Home Products

Great Product and Great Customer Service
Bygustavo camachoon August 3, 2017

I was very satisfied by this product and wish I had gotten to use it longer. I purchased this and then found out shortly after that my beloved pup has heartworms and was forced to return the product in order to get money to help pay for his medicine. Despite this, I did still get to use the product for about a month and did see fading in my tattoo. I can definitely tell that had I used it longer, my tattoo would have completely faded. It is painful but it's not any worse than laser tattoo removal you'd get at a clinic. If you have a hard time doing it to yourself then I would suggest having your partner, friend, or roommate do it. I'd also like to give a shout out to Neo Innovations for their AMAZING and very unique customer service. I have never gotten in contact with a company easier and was very comforted by their quick responses. I never felt pressured to keep the product, though they did inquire about if it had worked. I hope to repurchase this product and finish the process some time in the future and would absolutely suggest it to friends.

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