Are There Any Risks Of Scarring?

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March 29, 2015
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Are There Any Risks Of Scarring?

Generally speaking, tattoo removal does not result in scar formation. However, ALL types of tattoo removal has risks of scarring and there can be some loss of skin pigmentation. Especially with darker complected individuals. Over time this becomes less noticeable. Often times after a tattoo is attempted to be removed, the initial tattoo needle scar will become more evident.

Things to remember: 1) Tattoo removal is often not complete 100% removal. 2) The treated skin can look bleached after treatments. 3) If the tattoo color is too deep and isn’t responding to treatments, stop treatments. Over treating will only cause scarring.

It is worth repeating: ALL types of tattoo removal has risks of scarring. Whether a professional performs the procedure or you do it yourself. Take the time to do some research before attempting any type of tattoo removal.

Neo Mag Light is a non ablated process. Meaning the surface of the skin is not broken or pierced by the procedure. Blistering does not need to occur for the tattoo to fade. Everyone’s response to tattoo removal is unique. Tattoo removal creams, acids, salabrasion and most other lasers break the surface of the skin to remove/alter the tattoo ink. This causes a lot more trauma than using Neo Mag Light correctly.

Getting a tattoo is also much more traumatic than using Neo Mag Light correctly. What ever tattoo removal product or procedure you choose, takes commitment to the process involved. Tattoos are permanent. Any fading should be considered a success.

Please take some time and do your own research about tattoo removal and the risks involved.  All types of tattoo removal products and procedures have risks.  My posts are for general information only.  Educate yourself before choosing any type of tattoo removal product.  Google is an amazing tool.

Below is some good info on blisters and why they don’t usually scar.

In general blisters, heal extremely well and leave no permanent mark or scar. The top layer of your skin (the layer involved with most simple blisters) is composed of cells that are dead already, and so the cells underneath simply take their place after the blister flakes off. Because their is no structural damage beneath, the cells on the sides don’t have to grow inward to replace them. This inward growth and the collagen that is needed to make it happen is what makes the new skin look different from the old when you have a scar.

This explains why blisters usually don’t scar. Please note,  that this depends on the size and depth of the blister, as well as how much trauma the area continues to experience.  Continued trauma to any area of skin can cause scarring.  Skin will respond to continual irritation by forming a callous. This thickening of your skin is usually reversible with hydration and protection, but it can also be unsightly for a time.

 Take your time with your treatments and don’t try to rush your tatto removal.  Tattoo removal is not a quick and easy process.  Some inks do fade fast but most tattoos are a combonation of different colors, depth and types of inks.  Everyone will have a unique experience with tattoo removal.   No matter what type of product is used.

Good luck with your tattoo removal and God Bless.

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