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***Before, During, & After Pictures Must Be Included In Your Request For Return***

Professional laser tattoo removal often takes several treatments before any fading is noticed. Not all inks/tattoos respond well to laser and light tattoo removal.  If your type of ink is going to respond well, you can usually see some fading within 60 days after the first treatment.


Informed Consent for LIGHT BASED Tattoo Removal

By reading this and purchasing you Understand Neo Mag Light devices use light technology for the removal of tattoos.
As a customer you have the right to be informed about your treatment so that you may make th edecision whether to proceed for light based tattoo removal or decline after knowing the risks involved. This disclosure is to help to inform you prior to your consent for treatment about the risks, side effects and possible complications related to laser tattoo removal:
The following problems may occur with the tattoo removal system:

1. The possible risks of the procedure include but are not limited to pain, purpura, swelling, redness, bruising, blistering, crusting/scab formation, ingrown hairs, infection, and unforeseen complications which can last up to many months, years or

2. There is a risk of scarring.

3. Short term effects may include reddening, mild burning, temporary bruising or blistering. A brownish/red darkening of the skin (known as hyperpigmention) or lightening of the skin (known as hypopigmentation) may occur. This usually resolves in weeks, but it can take up to 3-6 months to heal. Permanent color change is a rare risk. Loss of freckles or pigmented lesions can occur.

4. Textual and/or color changes in the skin can occur and can be permanent. Many of the cosmetic tattoos and body tattoos are made with iron oxide pigments. Iron oxide can turn red-brown or black. Titanium oxide and other pigments may also turn
black. This black or dark color may be un-removable. Because of the immediate whitening of the exposed treated area by the laser, there can be a temporary obscuring of ink, which can make it difficult or impossible to notice a specific color change
from the tattoo removal process.

5. Infection: Although infection following treatment is unusual, bacterial, fungal and viral infections can occur. Herpes simplex virus infections around the mouth can occur following a treatment. This applies to both individuals with a past history of herpes simplex virus infections and individuals with no known history of herpes simplex virus infections in the mouth area. Should any type of skin infection occur, additional treatments or medical antibiotics may be necessary.

6. Bleeding: Pinpoint bleeding is rare but can occur following treatment procedures.
Should bleeding occur, additional treatment may be necessary.

I acknowledge by reading this release and purchasing this product I have been given full opportunity to research any and all questions which I might have about tattoo removal. And that all of my questions have been answered to my full and total satisfaction. I specifically acknowledge that I have been made aware of the matters set forth below and agree as follows:
– I am not pregnant or nursing. I do not have epilepsy, diabetes or hemophilia. I do not suffer from any heart conditions or take medications that thin the blood.
– If I suffer from Hepatitis or any other communicable disease.
– I do not suffer from medical or skin conditions such as, but not limited to: Keloid or hypertrophy scarring, psoriasis at the site of the needed tattoo removal or any open wounds or lesions at the site of the tattoo removal site.
– I am aware if any allergies to metals, latex, soaps and medications. I acknowledge it is not possible for Neo Innovations Inc to determine whether I might have an allergic reaction to the tattoo removal process involved and further acknowledge that such a reaction is possible.
– I am truthfully represented to this site that I am over the age of 18 years. I am not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. To my knowledge, I do not have any physical, mental, or medical impairment or disability, which might affect my judgment, and/or my well being as a direct, or indirect result of my decision to purchase a tattoo removal product.
– I acknowledge that obtaining this tattoo removal device is my choice and will result in a permanent change to my appearance, and that no representation has been made to me as to the ability to later restore the skin involved in this tattoo removal process.
– I acknowledge infection is always possible as a result of removing a tattoo, and I agree to follow all instructions concerning the care of my tattoo while it is healing.
– I understand scarring, lightening and darkening of the treatment site is possible.
– Therefore, I understand this type of treatment usually takes 3 weeks or longer to heal. I agree to release and forever discharge and hold harmless the Neo Innovations Inc (Neo Mag Light) and all employees from any and all claims, damages, or legal actions arising from or connected in any way with my tattoo removal with Neo Mag Light.

RETURNS Return Policy


How do I return an item for a refund or exchange?


Return Conditions
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