40 Landscape Tattoo Ideas

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40 Landscape Tattoo Ideas

landscape tattoo ideas

Landscape Tattoo Ideas

Venice is the most romantic city in the world. If something unforgettable happened to you while there, present some part of your body for such a masterpiece.

The best spending money is the one we spend on trips. Travel enriches our lives and spreads our aspects. The places we visited are a wealth that can never be lost. By introducing new people, their culture and way of life, their customs, and history, we spread the limits of our own mind and soul. In this way, we slowly change the way we look at things, we are more tolerant, more willing to compromise, eliminate prejudice, become wiser … Many of these areas we’ve visited can leave marks in our hearts. For some areas some nice memories can be attached to us, some special emotions, some person, event… It is, therefore, not a rarity that people want to immortalize this region in some way.

Sometimes people try to immortalize some event by writing a poem, story, in a letter, a diary, painting a picture. Today, in a modern society where tattooing has become very popular and gained hundreds of millions of fans around the world, this is another way to immortalize something that means something to you.

Pony Reinhardt is part of the creative team of tattoo artists Tenderfoot Studio, who the inspiration for tattoos that create finds in flora and fauna, plants, animals, stars… Landscapes are often motif of her tattoo. She most likes big tattoos made in black and rich in details. Her approach to body art is very recognizable.

The world is like a book and one who does not travel always is on the first page of that book said St. Augustine. It is really true. People should be told that they have to travel from time to time, and that a larger break should not be made. Because if a man spends too much time without traveling, rooted in one place he becomes unsure, and he loses his confidence.

They say that life is not measured by the number of breaths but by the number of times we are left breathless. It does not matter where you are traveling and it is not imperative that you must visit a particular place. Go where your heart leads you. In any case, you will relax your ears from everyday monotonous sounds, try new tastes, see new faces and landscapes. Travel preserves our mental and physical power. Pay a trip right away if you liked these words. If you know that you will travel somewhere in a few months or sooner, it will help you to easily get rid of the riot and boring everyday life and it’s easier to handle the boring people you have to see each day and with whom you do not like to spend time with. Go away because you will devote to yourself these two, three weeks or more, you will not go to work and get up at the same time every day, at least for a brief while you will forget about everyday concerns and accounts that need to be paid. You will feel satisfied and happy.

Remember, with traveling, everything can happen. You never know who you are going to meet. So hurry, do not let yourself lose one day. Have a nice trip! Here are 40 landscape tattoo ideas you will surely love.

Not only large and bright cities are unforgettable, much more memorable memories provide nature, mountains or the sea.

This is a part of the body in which the tattoo is most done by ladies, but it is not a rarity among the men.

Enrich your life, gain richness that can not be lost. Travel!

Many people dream of going to Africa, going to the safari, to see all these magnificent animals.

Who once visited this beautiful continent will forever remember it.

Lovers of nature and tattoos of landscapes often choose a picture of the starry sky for their bodies.

Select an image of a landscape, but not for the whole hand, but in some form, like a diamond, a circle, a cube on the part of the hand.

If you are a mountain climbing fan, surely a mountain with special memories for you, will stand great on your shoulder.

A very interesting tattoo with a strong message. On the one side there is a city, and on the other, a beautiful forest. Think about that.

You can visit hundreds of cities, but I am sure that nothing can provide such peace as nature.

For many people favorite tattoos are black, they look more serious and mystical. It is a personal impression and it must not be accurate.

While we discover the new world, we travel from within.

Every trip is adventure for itself. If you visit famous cities and places, take a walk along those side streets, look for something more than what is offered in travel agencies, even if you do not know what exactly it is.

Enjoy some sunrise or sunset. Watch the new day’s being born then dying. It’s a magical and always unique experience.

A great tattoo of gentle neutral colors. Although the colors are not strong, tattoo is more than effective.

Another sunrise and sunset, this time creatively placed in two bottles.

Sharp straight lines and regular shapes are what adds extra mystique to this tattoo along with the chosen colors.

Small, but a very attractive picture. The real masterpiece of a tattoo master.

As for the previous one, and for this tattoo, you need the skills of a real artist.

Bridges connect people and areas. Bridges are common inspiration for many artists.

”Do not tell me how educated you are, but how much you traveled”, said Prophet Muhammad.




When we travel, we become more tolerant. By getting to know the people of some country we can greatly break the prejudices we have about them and start to love the language we may not like.

You do not have to travel thousands of miles to feel happiness and tranquility. Travel at least ten kilometers from the city where you live and it will please you, you can’t imagine how much.

Today, people often do not see the places they visit because of the huge need to photograph everything and praise friends. Much more important are photographs in the brain and heart than the ones recorded with the camera. Experience the place, let the camera rest a bit.

Do not travel only because you want to take new photos, but to get a new unforgettable experience.

A tattoo in the shape of a guitar and a sunset certainly reminds us of the romantic moment we experienced somewhere.

Very original picture on which you will immortal this beautiful continent.

When you are far enough away from everyday life, you have a better insight into the life you live, the friendships you have, family relationships…

The research showed that workers who used vacations for travel were more productive at work.

Travel improves our moral values and the inclination towards conflicts are decreasing.

You are not tied to one place, visit various places even though you have a permanent home. You are not a tree.

Tattoos in blue and pink colors are a very common choice of many people. This combination of colors is evergreen like combination of black and white.

Fans of astronomy, telescope and stars often like to paint it on the body.

Do you like this postcard from the place where you traveled?

You will never lose these photos.

Ladies like small tattoos on the upper side of the back. It is very sexy.

Wherever we travel, whenever we travel, whether or not, consciously or not, we learn and we grow.

It would be great if we could travel whenever we want to. Most often that is impossible, and therefore the days when you visit new destinations forget about everything and live only those moments.

Another tattoo of a landscape that resembles a postcard. A very gentle and very romantic postcard.

Bridges are always magnificent and symbolize man’s desire to overcome difficulties and obstacles, to connect people, cities, states and cultures.

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