Here you will find our Q&A section as well as some relevant facts about the IPL process. Tattoo removal at home with neo mag light.

1Does this device work for tattoo removal?
Yes the device does work. On most customers it takes around 2-3 tattoo removal treatments to see a 50% fade on the areas treated. Tattoo removal should be researched and understood before attempting any at home treatments. Any sign of removal should be considered a success. After all it was supposed to be permanent.
2Is Neo Mag Light approved by the FDA?
IPL tattoo removal, XENON Light, Halogen Light and Laser tattoo removal have been approved for tattoo removal and many other skin conditions. The Ink Vaporizor is not technically a laser or an IPL. It does work on the same principles. The Ink Vaporizor only uses very low power. Only 4.8 Volts / 15 watts of focused full spectrum ( no ultra violet ) xenon light. Not all tattoo inks need 500 plus watts of power to fade. Ink Vaporizor treatments are non Ablated ( doesn’t break the surface of the skin ) which makes it a cosmetic procedure. Customers are encouraged to do the proper research before purchasing. Please read our standard tattoo shop / removal release on our policies page. All customers release NEO Innovations and its affiliates of all liability at point of sale.
3How do I do a proper treatment?
You must first understand what treatment application is right for you. Because there are so many variables with tattoo removal, we can't just recommend a number and say "Hey this works for everyone so do this" That would be bad business and dangerous for some folks. Start by doing test spots, its not a race to the finish, its about doing things correctly throughout the entire process. Do 3 separate test spots; one area with a 8 second pulse voltage set at 3.5 another with a 7 second pulse voltage set at 4.0 another with a 6 second pulse with voltage at 4.3. This is just an easy 3 spot test but you can and need to try different variations to see how your skin responds. Skin tones that are dark need less time for treatments and less voltage so keep that in mind. Only Treat 1 SQ inch at a time. Treating larger areas wont speed up your removal.
4Does it hurt?
There is some discomfort. No more than when getting a tattoo. Tattoos usually take an hour or more. Our tattoo removal product’s treatments take seconds. The discomfort can be combated with the application of ice before, during, and after the tattoo removal treatment.
5How long does shipping take?
Most commonly orders will arrive at your door between 3-4 business days. During our CNBC air dates these times are usually only 3-7 business days longer.
6What is the Return Policy?
We encourage you to take your time with the tattoo removal treatments. We accept returns within the 30 money back guarantee time period. A $30 return fee will be deducted from the refund. We do not resell returned units. Test spot pics of before and after must be sent to blackmagicipl@gmail.com for a refund to be processed.
7What other skin ailments can this device be used for?
The Ink Vaporizor can be used for a number of other skin ailments. Such as, pigment disorders, spider veins, stretch marks, acne reduction, fungal removal, freckle removal, hair removal and even skin rejuvenation. The device must be used with different treatment techniques but will work on all of the listed conditions.
8Will it work on colored inks?
Colored inks can be very difficult to remove. However, some customers do get good results.
9Is Neo Mag Light an IPL?
The Ink Vaporizor works on the same principles as an IPL. The tattoo removal products we create use significantly less wattage than other IPLs. Our patent pending design uses a low wattage bulb that alters most tattoo inks. Please research the process before purchasing by reading post about it here on the site or by using Google search. Also research the TOBIL and Wilkinson Tattoo Removal. Both are great systems that also use white light. They use halogen white light. We use Xenon. Both are FDA approved.
10What are some good practices for removing a tattoo faster?
Keeping healthy during your removal process is the most crucial thing. Making sure you are hydrated and keeping active will allow the body to more rapidly remove the toxins from the blood stream. Using the Betonite clay during the healing process will remove the ink faster. It draws out the ink like a sponge and helps keep your body sealed from the outside world while healing. Use this clay while the skin is healing after the blisters have popped.
11Will i get scars?
If you start off with settings low and a low pulse duration scarring is rare. If blisters are taking longer than 3 to 4 weeks to completely heal, your setting is too high and pulse duration is too long.
12What is the life time on the device?
Bulbs can last a long time if the tip is allowed to cool between treatments.

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