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Test spots should always be done with a lower setting and pulse duration.

For example:

Test Spot 1: Setting 3.8 Pulse Duration 6 Seconds

Test Spot 2: Setting 4 Pulse Duration 7 Seconds

Test Spot 3: Setting 4.4 Pulse Duration 8 Seconds

Higher settings and longer pulse duration are not always needed for removal. Using too high of a setting or too long of a pulse duration could cause scarring or make healing times take longer than necessary. Be patient when figuring out your optimal settings. Here’s our tattoo removal gallery.

Tattoo Removal Takes Time

This is another customer who returned the Neo IXL too soon. ( This happens a lot ) After his test spot blisters completely healed, the ink was still there. The spots were actually darker. Today he reordered because the ink completely faded in the same spots. He got 100% removal in 45 days on black and red ink. Tattoo removal takes time and patience. Not all inks respond to tattoo removal. Test spots should always be done at lowest settings and pulse duration. Be patient and build up to a setting and pulse duration that gets results. Please do not rush the process of tattoo removal. Tattoo removal takes time with any procedure.Tattoo Removal Takes Time

This customer is super pumped. He got 100% removal in 21 days on his test spot. Its on the bottom of the B. Hand tattoos are the most stubborn. This was a customer that received a free device. He couldn’t afford tattoo removal so we gave him one. We give at least one a month away to our Tattoo Regret Contest.

This is the before and after of one of our many contest winners. She was able to remove almost all of her beard tattoo within 8 months of receiving her free device. She couldn’t be happier with her results.

Easy To Use Tattoo Removal

This product is an easy to use effective alternative to conventional methods of tattoo removal. The product was shipped quickly and the seller has quickly responded to any and all questions ive asked. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to remove any unwanted tattoos. 5 stars all the way!!! via Sisyphus Stone.

Easy To Use Tattoo Removal

Never Say Never Tattoo Removal

100% Removal On Each Treatment Area On This Tattoo. These Are Very Good Results Considering It Had Very Heavy Dark Ink. Never say never when it comes to tattoo removal.

Never Say Never Tattoo Removal

Your neck tattoo test spots got 100% removal without any scarring Nikki Bella. You need to do the whole tattoo! We are very happy for you, as we know how much you hate that tattoo.

Your removal is coming along great, Jessica. Keep up the good work.


100% Tattoo Removal In One Treatment

This tattoo is much larger than the recommended business card size but she is getting great results! About 70% removal in less than a year. It also had very deep black ink. Individual results will vary with tattoo removal.

100% Tattoo Removal In One Treatment

Test Spots on this foot tattoo. 100% removal in 30 days. This tattoo will be gone in approx 3 months.

foot tattoo removal

This customer has completed 3 test spots and have gotten complete 100% removal in all treated areas.