Before And After

Images shown are after one treatment with the Ink Vaporizor.

Before And After Photos Show Neo Innovations Devices will remove your tattoo ink in Pea/Nickel sized spots.  IPL is the quickest way to remove tattoo ink.  Often times you will get 100% removal  in one treatment.  Treat a test area first.  Wait 48 hours to see how your Skin/Ink responds to the treatments.  Pulse the Intense Xenon Light over the area that you want to treat.  Make sure the Neodymium magnet tip is pressing against the skin.  You want to try and get a bacon grease splatter sensation for 5 to 10 seconds.

Not everyone needs to blister to get a removal.  Some customers just treat to the point of a bad sunburn feeling. If you don’t blister you can treat more often.  If you do treat to the point of blistering. do not re treat until the blister is completely healed.

Inks with a high concentration of iron oxides remove the quickest.

Inks with a lot of polymers/plastics will not respond well to any type of removal.  Using magnetism before and after your treatments quickens the removal.

Tattoo Results Using Neo Innovations Tattoo Removal

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