Bad Tattoos: 24 Terrible Funny Failures

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Arm Tattoos – A Piece Of Ancient History That Lives On Through Us
February 7, 2018
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February 9, 2018
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Bad Tattoos: 24 Terrible Funny Failures

Bad Tattoos: 24 Terrible Funny Failures

Bad Tattoos Of The Worst Kind

You know that thing people say about bad tattoos…  I think it’s, “AHHHHHHHHHH!”…  Yeppers.  And these days, ya say it quite often ‘cuz these funny suckers are everywhere ya turn. Yet surely we’ll never get rid of ’em ‘cuz the worst tattoos get worser and the terrible get terriblier. But good thing, I love the good head-shaking chuckles they give me. From downright stupid ideas to horrible inkings, these are some of the worse tattoos you’ll ever see! And yes, it’s okay to stare. They’re probably used to it by now. Here are 16 bad tattoos of the worst kind. Enjoy!


The longer you stare at it, the creepier it gets.

Don’t worry.  I don’t.


Gene Simmons Cop Clown?

I haven’t a clue what that is but it sure

looks like it hurts!

Wow. That baby must have a nipple on the side of it’s

head and another in some awkward place!

And that there’s an awkward place for an

ear on that man’s head.


Nice, mom.

Almost not stupid. Almost.

You got more than a boy…

Ya think he realizes that the ‘Choking Hazard’ warning

usually applies to pieces that are really small?

Yep.  It is what it is… Awful.


…and sadly, you’ll have this bad tattoo

the rest of your live.

…Just Don’t.

Even the baby is astonished by that thing.

Probably thinking… “Please let me go back in!”

Let’s just skip the pleasantries, shall we?

He’d probably just crap himself.

For the person with no ideas at all.


“Yrandpa? “I Smell BitchD?” “Stop Slavery?”

A little ADD are we?

She gets around…

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