54 Shockingly Awful Hipster Tattoos

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Ex-Gang Members React to Seeing Themselves Without Tattoos
August 18, 2017
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September 25, 2017
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54 Shockingly Awful Hipster Tattoos

Bad Hipster Tattoos

Shockingly Awful Hipster Tattoos

How can you say you liked tattoos before they were mainstream when you were born in the 1990s? It’s just one of many things about hipsters that make zero sense to the rest of us. Let’s make fun of some shockingly awful hipster tattoos together. It will be therapeutic.

Stuff that’s cool because it used to be cool but isn’t cool anymore.

Hipster logic is not sound logic. But hey… YOLO!

awful hipster tattoos


So hipster it hurts.

awful hipster tattoos

Made up animals

Real animals are too mainstream

awful hipster tattoos


Because hipsters hate the world, yet still want to see as much of it as they can.


HIpster like to say that pizza is bae which is kind of gross when you think about it.

Obscure literary references

Tell me again how smart you are. I didn’t hear you the first 100 times.

Hidden mermaid scales

I have disappointing news for you. You’re not a mermaid.

Outdated celebrities

This tattoo is cool because it’s not cool. Hipster logic.


Probably to denote that you’re literally NEVER DONE TALKING.


You really got a font tattooed on your body. OK then…

This is not a tattoo

No, really, it’s a tattoo that says “this is not a tattoo.”

More meme stuff

Her 15 minutes of fame will never be over if people keep encouraging her.


PUT A BIRD ON IT! Dude, in real life, feathers have lice and poop on them.


Car tattoos give off too many emissions.

This stupid quote

It’s like the first psalm in the hipster bible.

Connect the dots

Ink poisoning makes for a dramatic hero’s death.


Kale. Tattoos. Are. A. Thing. Wow.


Anchors sink. That’s literally their only purpose.


Like, way spiritual.

Mason jars

No element of hipster-hood is safe from the frikkin’ Mason jar.

Stuff turning into the night sky

“Star light, star bright, first start I see tonight, I wish I wasn’t such a pretentious douche.”


Hipsters liked trees before they were mainstream.

Old-timey cameras

You can’t be a manic pixie dream girl without one.

Very tiny tattoos

Maybe they’re so small because they’re making a statement about greed, excess, and capitalism? That’s probably it. Not because they’re wimps.


Where’s the bug zapper when you need it?

Clavicle quotes

I’m sure this has nothing to do with showing the world how thin you are.

Anatomically correct human hearts

“Yeah, I just feel like I wear my heart on my sleeve, so I wanted to show that, but not on my actual sleeve.”

Tiny triangles

Is this some kind of hipster Illuminati mystery?

Southwestern-style skulls

“We’re all just animals, guys. Like, seconds away from being bones. It’s the circle of life. You wouldn’t understand.”


Hipsters need a lot of help figuring out where to go.


“It represents my philosophy about pizza being a microcosm for existence. Like, we might all be different toppings but we can still co-exist on one pie.”


Masculinity is on trend.

Compasses and maps

Again, hipsters get lost easily.

Spiritual Disney

Your Minni Mouse mandala is way existential.


Let me guess: you’re a feminist, you like to knit, you feel very passionate about body image, and you rock a lot of polka dots. You’re clearly very special and original.


Your Ancestry.com discovery of one Native American relative, 200 years ago, doesn’t make you Native American.

Obscure technology

Things that didn’t really work that well and have been replaced by things that DO work well are totally romantic.


Why are pineapples hipster emblems? Are they really proud of the U.S. acquiring Hawaii?


Mountains are hipster crack. No one knows why.

The Moon

Probably because hipsters are from another planet.

Infinity symbols

Infinitely cliched.

Hipster animals

You’re totally going to regret this once hipster animal tattoos become mainstream.


“Like whales, I too explore the depths. Of my soul.”

Illuminati bees

Bees are going extinct. Illuminati confirmed.


Not to be confused with Whole Foods.

No outline tattoos

The fact that they are going to turn into a giant blob on your skin in a metaphor for becoming one with the universe.

Strange lines

If you put enough of these tattoos together, aliens can navigate to earth.

Finger tats

Nobody can really see it, and they get blown out to fast. Why do people not learn from the past?

Cheesy motivational quotes

They apply to everyone because they’re so generic.

Delicate flowers

If you could grow a plant out your wrist, you would.

Phases of the moon

When you have all the phases of the moon instead of just one moon, it tells the world that you’re super spiritual.

Typewriter text

You liked typewriter text before it was mainstream.

Childhood games

Hipsters are big into nostalgia.

Birds flying away

Those birds are trying to escape your body.

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