75 Hilarious Tattoos

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75 Hilarious Tattoos

hilarious tattoos

By: Jillian Smith

 75 Hilarious Tattoos

Some people tell jokes, some people do impressions, these people decided to express their comedy through their skin.

1. Wiggum Wuv

This would make the perfect Valentine’s card for any Simpson’s fan. It’s the little engine that could–not get a date.

hilarious tattoos

Source: Tumblr.com

2. Pun Intended

He is a stud muffin. Even his tattoo has a tattoo.

hilarious tattoos

Source: Imgur.com

3. Neck Saber

Someone should get him an ice pack or something. Is this a light saber, or the coolest looking push pop ever?

4. Pen Head

When he was younger, it was a tattoo of a crayon.

hilarious tattoos

Source: Imgur.com

5. Cheeky

We hope she doesn’t get offended if people start calling her two-faced.

Source: Imgur

6. Breakfast Head

Food is always on my mind as well.
Now he’ll always have breakfast in bed.

Source: Blog.Takeaway.com

7. Sideshow Bob

To be fair, I think everyone has wanted to kill Bart at some point.

Source: 11Points.com

8. Checkered

This was a pretty sweet tattoo– until he fell asleep at the park and people started playing checkers on his face.

Source: SheChive.Files.Wordpress.com

9. Sophisticated Wookie

It’s good to see Chewbacca finally grew up and made something of himself. You should see how bad his evil twin is, Tupacca.

10. Mickey D’s

Their slogan may be “I’m Lovin’ it” but only someone who gets a tattoo of their receipt can truly say they’re “lovin’ it.”

Source: Unknown

11. This Little Piggy

This little piggy stayed home and watched YouTube videos all night.

12. Homer Simpson

We love Mr. Sparkle! And we always wondered what Homer would look like as a Pokemon.

Source: Unknown

13. Street Fighter Fringe

This tattoo is truly hair-raising.

14. Hulkamaniac

If you stare at this too long, you’ll tear your own shirt off.

Source: Imgur.com

15. Judge Judy

Does that make daytime television Heaven?

16. Whippet

Whippets are a breed similar to greyhounds, except they’re a little smaller and a lot better at making Devo references.

Source: Tumblr.com

17. All Star

You’ll never know how much this hurts until you walk a mile in this man’s shoe tattoo.

Source: Unknown

18. Peggy Hill

Hail Peggy…full of grace

19. Manscape

Do the curtains match the drapes? Wait, please don’t answer that.

Source: Unknown

20. What A Monster

This is what happens when you drink three energy drinks in a row.

Source: Imgur

21. Concert List

I’m not judging your tattoo. I’m judging your taste in music.

Source: Imgur.com

22. Trampoline

A tattoo so funny, you’ll jump for joy.

Source: Unknown

23. Kid Drawing

Refrigerators are temporary, but forearms are forever.

Source: BlogSpot.com

24. Flexing

We hope he goes by the name Funkmaster Flex.

Source: TheFunnyWay.com

25. Beer Belly

His OKCupid profile claims he has a six pack.

Source: Hellou.com

26. Mr. Burns

This episode will be forever BURNed in our memory.

Source: FunCage.com

27. My Little X-Men

Source: FunCage.com

28. Darth Rose

Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side.

Source: Unknown

29. Jennifer

“Whatever happened to the tattoo you had of Jennifer?”
“Jennifer? Jennifer is dead to me.”

30. All Dogs

Actually, all dogs go to Kevin. He has the tattoo to prove it.

Source: Unknown

31. Dad Tat

In case you ever wondered what a thumb with a face would look like.

32. Head Piece

If you think that face is bad, you should see the front!

Source: FunCage.com

33. Elf

We hope their other arm is inked with Ron Burgundy.

Source: Izismile.com

34. Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut had a little too much to drink last night. That or he is deathly allergic to himself.

Source: Unknown

35. Cheese Man

This is a gouda pun. Grate job guy.

Source: Unknown

36. Where’s Waldo

Not pictured: her other ear with Carmen Sandiego

37. Suspenders

Who has two thumbs and is a whole lot of fun at parties? This guy!

38. Mac N Cheese

We’d make a food pun right now but it just seems so cheesy.

Source: BlogSpot.com

39. Tragic

The biggest tragedy is that someone paid for this.

40. A vs An

Maybe it’s time for AN impromptu grammar lesson.

Source: NoWayGirl.com

41. Spell Check

Right click this tattoo for other synonyms.

Source: Unknown

42. Ledgends

This tattoo is legendary although I don’t think any “legends” would ever get it.

Source: Unknown

43. Gra-dad

“Gramps” and “Pops” are acceptable things to call your grandpa. “Gradad” is not.

Source: BlogSpot.com

44. Jalous

I am jealous of your spelling skills.

Source: Unknown

45. Name Tag

The moment you wake up hungover and realize you got a name tag tattoo. The moment after that when you realize your name isn’t Scott.

46. Bling of the Hill

Bobby? Now I go by Lil B.

47. Counting Crows

Speaking of counting, I wonder what number this is on their list of regrets.

Source: Unknown

48. Mario Bros

Now when they fight it looks like you’re playing footsie with yourself.

Source: Unknown

49. Pizza for Life

Now we know what he’s always thinking of. No need for him to give us a pizza his mind!

Source: Kn3.net

50. Cartoon Couple

It’s going to be really awkward when paper and scissors find out about this.

Source: Unknown

51. Giant Lizard

Godzilla never looked so adorable.

Source: BlogSpot.com

52. Mr. Tea

I PITY THE FOOL who drinks me without a lovely side of scones.

53. Unemployed

What’s actually impossible is that he didn’t think his employment through before getting this tattoo.

Source: Unknown

54. Mr. and Mrs.

These two are either eating dots which will lead them to kiss, or they’re spitting dots into each other’s mouths. Either way, it’s pretty romantic.

Source: Unknown

55. Hand Pipe

The one pipe you can always smoke indoors.

Source: HumorPix.com

56. Bad Decisions

Like this font, for example.

Source: Unknown

57. R Dumb

This person thinks ironic tattoos R clever.

58. Daria

The only thing that is more misunderstood is why they didn’t get the whole cast tattooed on here.

59. Roseanne

When you mouth off to Tom Arnold’s tattoo it will mouth off right back to you.

60. Four Eyes

We don’t think he understands the benefits of Lasik.

Source: Unknown

61. Cultured

At least they spelled everything right.

Source: Imgur.com

62. Two-Way Tat

 This is going to get really expensive when he has to upgrade it to a new iPhone every 1-2 years.

Source: Unknown

63. Punch Out

Well, at least this will be the last thing someone sees before they get knocked out.

Source: Unknown

64. Ron Swanson

This tattoo is a scratch and sniff. It smells likes bacon, whiskey, and manhood.

65. Pringles

At least they got the eyes right.

Source: Unknown

66. Apocalypse

I appreciate his honesty though.

Source: Tumblr.com

67. Knock Knock

This looks like the most painful game of Peek A Boo ever.

Source: BlogSpot.com

68. You Pumped

Actually, he was really just asking for a refill.

Source: Unknown

69. Mouth Mustache

This guy took No-Shave November to a whole new level.

Source: Unknown

70. Puzzled

Love has no rules.

Source: Unknown

71. Ice Cube

Are we there yet? I’m melting.

Source: Unknown

72. Cross Off

This looks like the beginning to Mambo #5.

Source: Unknown

73. YOLO

Unless you’re a cat. Or Super Mario.

Source: Unknown

74. Tattoo of Tattoo

With all the Chinese symbol tattoos we wondered if people over there get English words tattoos.

75. Fancysaurus

That’s dino-SIR to you.

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