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The Neo Innovations IPL Tattoo Removal Model featured on Shark Tank was an older design. Our current design wasn't allowed because the patent wasn't submitted yet. Since 2009 the older designs worked well for customers that understood the tattoo removal process. After Viewing The Shark Tank episode many customers think tattoo removal is "Instant." Please research how tattoo removal works before purchasing.

Our new design is low power only 4-4.8 Volts. It now has variable settings for different skin tones and is more effective and reliable. It also features our Patent Pending Neodymium magnetic tip. The Neodymium Magnetic Tip attracts the magnetic tattoo ink to the surface of the skin. Neo Innovations Will Save You Money On Tattoo Removal. Buy Now And Start Your Tattoo Removal Today!

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Click on the images to expand. Images below are after one treatment. Notice how the ink fades in pea sized spots.